How Do You Define Spirituality?

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How Do You Define Spirituality?

Hey Revies! This week's topic is Spirituality. Spirituality is important to us as a brand and individually so we wanted to share our perspectives and open the conversation for those of you who enjoy this topic as well as those who are open to learning more!
How do you define Spirituality?
EbonyAs I began to trust my intuition through astrology it allowed me to understand that spirituality is just that, your intuition. Your spirit is guiding you and whatever helps you to believe in yourself, your journey, and your purpose is clear when you learn to listen.
Ty'JonaeSpirituality to me is ultimately being fully in tune with yourself and letting go of the BS society taught us. We all have a mission in this lifetime and the more you connect to your higher self and the higher power you believe in, it becomes clearer and clearer. Being present with yourself and reflecting, nurturing yourself, being true and honest to yourself. 
WissalSpirituality to me is a practice that combines everything I have learned into one. It is an outlet for self development, that makes me excited to evolve. Through this I am able to recreate myself over and over again for the highest good, as well as make my outside life reflect the beauty of my inside. I find peace and serenity through spirituality, and believe that the more I improve my inner self the more peace I achieve.
What is your journey like so far?

EbonyMy spiritual journey began before I was fully aware of it. Seeds were planted from my Grandmother as me and Ty were placed front and center in our Uncle Willy’s Church every Sunday. Although half the time we were playing around, sleeping, or escaping for snacks at the store next door, we were present enough to have learned something. My mother’s family was very Christian while my father’s side did not participate in religion as far as I know. Having two totally different views on religion allowed me to truly see the effects of those different perspectives. In addition to my family views, My mother sent me to a catholic school during my elementary years in order for me to experience a better curriculum plan than public schooling. This was through 2nd-3rd grade until I was accepted into METCO, a program that took inner city kids to suburban schools.  I went through a few periods where I didn’t believe in anything during middle and high school but something would always spark my interest to dig deeper beyond the surface of all religions. Through high school and college I began to dig deep into astrology which began to make the most sense to me as I could easily see it in people and situations. As I began to trust my intuition through astrology it allowed me to understand that spirituality is just that, your intuition. Your spirit is guiding you and whatever helps you to believe in yourself, your journey, and your purpose is clear when you learn to listen.

Ty'JonaeMy journey started when I was born to be honest, growing up going to church with my Nana and having a Christian family. I knew the basics but I'm really starting to dive in and understand as an adult present day. I'm not a full blown Christian but I do believe in God with an open mind. I would have a diary from time to time growing up but I realized I actually needed journaling the summer after I graduated high school in 2017. Simply writing my day or how I was feeling would help me higher my vibe and release what wasn't serving me. Summer 2020 I randomly started watching tarot videos and fell in love. That alone opened me to so many topics that I knew of but never understood or looked into. As well as listening to Manifestation Babe, who is truly amazing! If you don't listen to podcast, I suggest my very first one! I had the pieces and was realizing things about myself and the world but couldn’t quite piece it together. I was slowly but surely shedding my old ways and what I thought was myself and stepping into who I am supposed to truly be.

Wissal: My journey has been full of ups and downs, a lot of recreating myself. Understanding what no longer serves me, such as habits that I was conditioned into, belief patterns formed by my childhood, family, and surroundings. As well as  my relationships with people in my life. A loss of identity because most things I once held so dear and thought so firmly on started to dissolve around me. Through this, I was able to make new habits and beliefs that work with my higher self or that fully aligned with who I want to become.


What was the most pivotal moment in your journey?

Ebony: The most pivotal moment in my journey would be traveling during Summer of 2020. I have never trusted my intuition so blindly until this period of time and it changed my entire life. In the midst of a pandemic, my friends and I decided to take our chances with precaution for the fourth of July. Once we arrived in LA I began to exhale and truly feel alive. I had a sense of belonging and moved through the city with ease. I began seeing synchronicities with numbers every time I tuned into my surroundings. There were multiple “You had to be there” moments that my friends and I experienced but it truly woke us up to the idea that there is something beyond this reality we are experiencing. 

Ty'Jonae: October 2020 I had my first actual spiritual awakening when everything just CLICKED. It was truly like finally turning off autopilot and saying to myself “I GOT THIS”. From then I embraced everything that was happening and changing around me as well as being confident in myself and my choices. You only live this life once so whatever you want to do, go for it! Manifestation is real and the more you step into that energy of your higher self, everything will align.

Wissal: My spiritual awakening that kicked it all off, it was a time of pure excitement for the future because I finally fully felt that I was meant for more. A shift in perspective and mindset that made me realize the life I was currently living was not going to get me where I was trying to go, and the need for change became so apparent that I could not ignore it any longer. My mindset went from why is this happening to me to what can this teach me, and that allowed me to start taking accountability for everything in my life. Accepting all the parts of myself that I didn’t like (shadow self) and working on creating a world where my own self was the most important part of my life.

What is something that helped you on your journey?

Ebony: Astrology has been the biggest help for me on my journey this far because it genuinely helped me understand myself and others better. Knowing myself first allowed me to become conscious of my gifts and challenges as well as the balancing act I need personally throughout my life. My chart confirmed almost everything I knew about myself prior and I am still learning till this day. I found out that it's my calling to shine light on astrology which is why it made the most sense to me of all spiritual practices.

Ty'Jonae: Besides journaling, time for myself was and still is very important. I went through a cycle of just waking up, going to class, going to work, sleep and repeat for a while not realizing what it was doing to me. Prioritizing time for yourself throughout the day to truly connect whether it is meditating, journaling, saying affirmations, tarot etc is apart of self care. Just doing this alone made my days so much better because I knew in my soul I was getting closer and closer to something, which I was I just didn't know at the time. 

Wissal: Being able to read energies and trusting my intuition more often. I always thought I could read a room, but it quickly became blatantly obvious that I never could. Once I was able to walk into a room and feel every single person's emotions it was a bit overwhelming but it taught me a lot. Taught me empathy, compassion, patience and resilience. I was able to just watch someone exist and know where they were in their life based on the energy they were putting out into the world. As an empath it was a lot of energy to be confusing as my own for a bit, feeling everyone’s emotions and not being able to have boundaries around myself from what was not mine. But after a while, I learned that I can observe without taking on.


What is some advice for someone starting their spiritual journey?

Ebony: My advice for someone starting their spiritual journey would be to focus on trusting your intuition. Everything we know is through conditioning and in our world today, if you can be conditioned to tune out your intuition, it is easier to control you. You have to condition your mind to trust yourself. This is easier said than done but the more tuned in you are with yourself, the smoother your transitioning will be for your path ahead. If you go against yourself, you will most likely experience friction. Friction isn’t bad,it is redirection back to yourself and you will find yourself

Ty'Jonae: Don't be afraid to take a step back and take time for yourself. YOU are your first priority. Affirmations, journaling and meditating really helps in my opinion as well as getting fresh air and being in tune with nature in some way. No one also told me about the Dark Night of the Soul after a spiritual awakening, so yeah it could get really dark and lonely but do not be scared because it is a process witha beautiful outcome. Make sure you surround yourself with people you love and who love you and take it one day at a time. Positive self talk is extremely important too! Be nice to yourself and nurture yourself because if you don’t, how do you expect someone else to? This all takes time, trust me I know I’m still going through it but even a little a day is great progress!

Wissal: My biggest advice for someone on their spiritual journey is to NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP! The ups and downs are very intense, you will feel on top of the world then you’ll feel like you don’t know who you are. At some point you’ll also probably feel like you have all the knowledge in the world and start letting It get to your ego. If you realize yourself looking down on others because they don’t have the same spiritual growth as you, that is a point to reflect on. Also NOT EVERYTHING IS FIXABLE. You might get on a gotta fix it all loop of hell and try to find a reasoning for why you pick up a cup a certain way, but realize that some things are just you, and it's not all negative.



Thank you for reading! We hope you have something to take away from our post this week and stay tuned for next week as we continue to dive into more HOR topics! Have an amazing day and remember to stay present ♡


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