Why Mind, Body, and Spirit is Important

Why Mind, Body, and Spirit is Important

Hey Revies! This week's topic is Mind, Body, Spirit. The connection between Mind, Body, and Spirit is something we have learned and incorporated into our everyday lives. We wanted to emphasize the importance and help educate the best way we can! 

Why Mind. Body, and Spirit is Important

     When you hear Mind, Body, and Spirit is overall the connection of your mental, physical, and emotional/spiritual health. Your Mind, Body, and Spirit is connected and makes you as a whole. It is important to improve each area to overall live the life you love. An easier way to explain is on this Earth, your body is a vehicle and in order to keep it going you need to service all parts. 

     Your mind is a powerful tool. Your mind is your navigation of your vehicle and acts as a GPS. If you don’t have your navigation, you are driving aimlessly. Your mind reflects your day to day environment and lifestyle. You have the power to transform your life and the way you think with just one thought. Your mind navigates your path because of what you believe you become and create. Ways to improve your overall mental health is manifesting, thinking positive, and showing gratitude. These are great practices from your mind and can help improve your outlook on life. 

     Your body is your temple and physical body of the vehicle. If you were driving your dream car would you treat it poorly or with care? Think of your body in that way. Also, when you look good, you feel good. Stretching and exercising are amazing for the strength of the body and upkeep. Eating healthier will also keep your body clean as you would want the inside of your car. 

     Look at your Spirit as the engine to the car. If the engine is running poorly, the body and GPS will fail as well. Something as simple as getting up in the morning and getting cute can boost your mood and start your day off 100% in confidence. Again, when you look good, you feel good. You have the energy and power to tackle your day! Meditation is great for connecting with your spirit. Taking a simple 10 minutes out of your day to yourself can bring more positivity in and bring more power to your engine. Journaling and shadow work, digging within and healing, can also help center and ground yourself.

This will all take time but the sooner you start, the better you will begin to see improvement in yourself and around you. Do what works best for you and makes you feel good. Be authentic and live in your truth!

Have an amazing day Revies -HOR

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