The House of Reverie is built on believing in your dreams and watching them come to life! When you truly believe in yourself and put in the work, anything is possible. We are a black owned business which is important in a time like this as well as a women owned business. We are here to show that anything is possible no matter where you come from and who you are. Welcome to the House of Reverie!
Meet The Owners
Ebony Romain (left) and Ty'Jonae Allen (right)
Watching this vision come to life after years of talk is liberating. As children we were molded into creatives through sitting in church every Sunday, re-crafting clothes from thrift stores, filming and editing YouTube content, etc. Never fully knowing what would come from our imagination, we continued to try, revamp, and try again.

Today... we have clarity and confidence in what our vision will be. We’re walking in our purpose and living our desire. House of Reverie will be bigger than us and anything we could imagine alone.